Upcoming Book – Fostering Empathy Through Museums

Seth Frankel, Studio Tectonic’s principal, is a contributing author to a new professional book entitled Fostering Empathy Through Museums. Published by Rowman & Littlefield, the book release is scheduled for Spring, 2016, around the time of the American Alliance of Museums conference.

For more about the book from the editor Elif Gokcigdem, please go to: Fostering Empathy Book

Seth’s chapter looks at:

Interpreting Arapaho Chief Niwot – Complex Pasts in Contemporary Community

Street, buildings and towns throughout the community of Boulder County, Colorado are named after 19th Century forebears. They exist largely without question and often ignore the histories for which they are named. Native American names romantically pay homage to a people long removed by force. European names sit in recognition of a complex blend of progress and brutality.

Chief Niwot, a deeply astute Arapaho leader who’s people suffered in the ever shifting politics and public opinion of the Civil War era saw his efforts for his people’s future destroyed through massacre and displacement. Using wide-ranging exhibition, performance, public programs and multicultural community dialogue the contemporary legacy of this history became a centerpiece for embracing our role and responsibility today as inheritor’s of a not-so-easily-summed-up multifaceted past.