CoCoRaHS – Huh? An Ugly Name for How Much it Rained.

For a few years I’ve been ephemerally tracking rain/snow data at the Studio Tectonic location. And given the drought-flood-drought state of water this year any and all moisture is of particular interest here in Colorado.

Welcome to CoCoRaHS (short and un-rememorable for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network).

There’s a rather addiction-creating website that nationally tracks precipitation through volunteers at their own “weather station”. Meaning, a plastic tube that measures accurately to the 100th of an inch. The community-based network is always needing more stations, and it’s a great thing to do at your organization, business or homestead.

Here’s Studio Tectonic’s hi-tech station, a link to the project, and a little video that explains it all.

Studio Tectonic’s station #CO-BO-287
A.K.A. – Boulder 2.4 WSW