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The Anti-Cartoon : Screenless Animations

It’s unavoidable that we think in animations. We’ve watched them for decades. Video screens at home and in museums are the norm. In a recent exhibition on earthquakes located at the Hatfield Marine Science Center, Studio Tectonic worked with Pacific Studio, the project fabricator, to develop an animation-like interactive without the electrical cord. Why? The […]

Head Turning Photo

I just love this photo. A commentary on California drivers in the Rockies? The thing is that I’m sure a couple of folks simply went over and helped this poor car right itself. Technology, like cars, are much more complex today and this is fun reminder of a time when we were more closely and […]

MIT Creates Wayfinding Mobile Guide

Found this interesting post on Fast Company about experimental personal wayfinding systems using the magnetic properties of indoor spaces and mobile devices. Obviously not ready for primetime, but imagine if implemented. All I can say is watch out…lost souls will be colliding everywhere! –Seth Never Lost: MIT Creates Wayfinding Arrows Projected From Your Cellphone MIT’S […]

Studio Tectonic Featured at

Studio Tectonic recently installed a thermostat designed by Bould Design for Nest. Here’s a bit from the blog posting… Every time I see a photo of the Nest Learning Thermostat, it’s exciting. It doesn’t matter how many I see. We designed Nest to blend into any decor, and it’s fascinating to see our thermostat […]