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AAM Session Accepted : Empathy & Evil: Moving Beyond ‘Good-guy/Bad-guy’ Narratives

Seth Frankel is leading a panel at the May, 2016 AAM Conference in Washington DC. The session title is Empathy & Evil: Moving Beyond ‘Good-guy/Bad-guy’ Narratives. Seth will be presenting with colleagues Mark Katrikh (Museum of Tolerance, CA), Dr. Adam Nilsen (Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, CA) and Sarah Pharaon (International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, NYC). […]

Museum Board as Consultants (What Outside Experts Bring)

On a recent AAM group chat site on LinkedIn, a posting presented a question about using board members instead of hired consultants. While this was mostly a discussion about making do in small museum environments, I read this with a bit of caution. I have seen board members successfully bring incredible expertise to institution. I […]

AAM Conference Impressions – A Round Up

Studio Tectonic’s blog was included in a round up of commenters on the recent AAM conference in Minnesota. You can catch additional impressions of the conference on Adrianne Russell’s blog. Links to various musings can be found near the bottom of the page:

AAM 2012 – Minneapolis, Day 3, Tuesday (Measuring Complex Behavioral Change)

Day three session highlight was on summative evaluation methodologies undertaken by the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience. The ICSC is a US-based group that is a worldwide network of “Sites of Conscience” – historic sites specifically dedicated to remembering past struggles for justice and addressing their contemporary legacies. A full description of their work can be […]

AAM 2012 – Minneapolis, Day 3, Tuesday (Exhibiting Design Tragedy????)

Today I’m taking a break from serious session reporting. (Although, I’ll circle back ’round to report out a session on museums of social conscience tomorrow.) The NAME (National Association for Museum Exhibition) luncheon is always a chance to see old exhibit friends and meet new. The event started in the more typical beginnings – food, […]

AAM 2012 – Minneapolis, Day 2, Monday (Exhibiting Human Tragedy)

A session highlight from today’s AAM was “In Memoriam: Interpreting Human Tragedy”. Panelists were from institutions including Holocaust remembrance museums, 9/11 memorials, and academics involved with conveying the histories and stories association with tragic events. The common thread through all these presenters were that they are all telling the histories through the eyes of the […]

AAM 2012 – Minneapolis, Day 1, Sunday (Families in Interactive Art Galleries)

Greetings from Minneapolis – home of this year’s American Associations of Museum’s conference. The AAM conference is always a bit of a whirlwind of connecting with old colleagues, seeing the latest and greatest, and sometimes wondering why the same themes always seems to emerge… Today’s sessions highlight was a presentation from a group of art […]