AAM 2012 – Minneapolis, Day 3, Tuesday (Exhibiting Design Tragedy????)

Today I’m taking a break from serious session reporting. (Although, I’ll circle back ’round to report out a session on museums of social conscience tomorrow.)

The NAME (National Association for Museum Exhibition) luncheon is always a chance to see old exhibit friends and meet new. The event started in the more typical beginnings – food, chit-chat, etc. and ended in a group exercise driven by an artist/fellow from the Franconia Sculpture Park, about an hour from the Twin Cities.

Check out the work at the Franconia Sculpture Park, if you get a chance.

After hearing about the sculpture making, programs for artist and kids, the NAME contingency was given its group marching orders. Build a poetically driven sculpture with 50+ artists in about 20 minutes with lathe and tape. A feat for any group, let alone control freak exhibit designers.

The resulting effort appeared as such, below. It’s amazing any of us keep our jobs and clients after this effort…

AAM Conference NAME Design Flop 2012