Studio Tectonic


Established in 2011, Studio Tectonic is a creative services firm based in Boulder, Colorado; just 20 miles from Denver. The firm provides design and planning for cultural institutions focused on engaging their public with rich and meaningful exhibits and experiences.

Studio Tectonic was founded by Seth Frankel, a design leader with more than twenty years of experience both consulting with and working within museums, visitor centers, arboreta, botanic gardens, parks, historical venues and municipalities. Clients range from small institutions with limited resources (and big dreams) to large institutions with sizable budgets. Studio Tectonic is regularly engaged in leading master planning for museums, cultural institutions and natural resource organizations. 

The firm is built on the principle that teams and projects are strongest when experienced design leaders are consistently and deeply involved in the work. Studio Tectonic uses its years of experience and close knit collaborative teams to develop an appropriate and well-matched cadre of professionals for each project – led by a principal who is connected to all aspects of the work.

Studio Tectonic brings a committed and passionate presence to its projects. Our goal is to bring out the best in our clients by developing strong relationships and a creative approach based on a pragmatic philosophy.

Creative Expertise

Exhibit design
Space planning
Content development
Interpretive planning
Wayfinding systems – interior and exterior
Graphic design
GPS and GIS Mapping
Design process
Interpretive writing and editing
Videography and editing
Audio recording and editing
Digital, new media and all things techie
Design software (CAD, Adobe)
Physical and media interactives
In-house Prototyping

Process Expertise

Leading creative teams
Leading client teams
Managing freelancers and consultants
Working with the needs of architecture and engineering
Working with craftspeople and the “trades”
Understanding how cultural institutions work

Project Expertise

Project leadership and management
Master planning for museums and cultural/resource-based institutions
Building/managing strong comprehensive teams
Integrating mission-based social action into measurable visitor action
Development of project schedules
Project budgets and budget management
Developing probable cost opinions for implementation and services
Value engineering