Places matter. The place of a first kiss (the roller rink, perhaps?). The place we grow up and raise children. The place you were inspired by an object of beauty.

They matter to our public and to us, the crafters of place, every time we endeavor to do meaningful work. After all, our environment influences our views of the particular in both subtle and dramatic ways.

For these reasons, Studio Tectonic shares its place, and a bit of its history. Mostly because it inspires the work and is a pleasure to work within.

Studio Tectonic takes its space seriously. Well sort of. The Carriage House is a three story structure re-designed and renovated by Seth Frankel. The ground level is a full prototype and production shop with tools for wood and metal working. Design studio, meeting spaces and competitive darts are on the second floor. Materials storage is on the third floor. Bar-b-que is just outside. While not a fabricator per se, Studio Tectonic doesn’t just draw up its ideas, but also tests and models them in real materials. And occasionally, when no one else can build it the way or when it’s needed, it’s done in-house.


The Carriage House’s past tells a few intriguing stories too…

Design space for Studio Tectonic

Sufi ashram and hangout of psychedelic LSD pioneer Baba Ram Dass, Beat poets
and other celestial beings

Victorian carriage house with stable and buggies – located behind to the home of Reverend Samuel Wheeler, founder of Boulder’s Seventh-Day Baptist church

Arapaho tribe wintering area

70 MYA
Late Cretaceous Seaway

150 MYA
Late Jurassic meadow of ferns and apatosaurs